Joan Howes

Appraisals, Programs, & Workshops 
    What is my quilt worth? And why would I want to know?
     * To document the insurance replacement value for your homeowner's policy in case
       of loss
     * Your quilt will be shipped to a show or other destination. Some shows require
       appraisals for
exhibited items.
     * You want to sell your quilt and need to establish a realistic market value
     * You plan to donate a quilt to a charitable organization and plan to take a tax 
     * You want your heirs to share equitably in your estate
     * You're giving your quilt as a gift and want the recipient to be aware of the value
     * Curiosity - you just want to learn more about the value of a quilt or quilt top in your 

   Where can I obtain an appraisal?
     * at quilt shows                                  
     * at quilt shops
     * by individual appointment

     * Threads of Time - a history of quilting in the United States
     * Why do I need an appraisal?
     * Quilts of the 1930's
     * Quilted clothing
     * Embroidered quilts
     * Tell Me About My Vintage Quilt
     * Specialized lecture for your guild or organization

    *  My First Art Quilt
    *  Stained Glass Quilts
    *  Landscape Quilts
    *  Simply Unique Jackets 
    *  Cover Your Child With Love, a storybook quilt pattern, that includes the children’s book, 
       That’s How Love Is!.
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